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Written By: hausofblen on September 8, 2011 15 Comments

People were taken by surprise when El Blen showed up to “hang out”. A number of street walkers and citygoers were amused and entertained by the mere appearance of the “wolf in NYC”. Many took to their camera phones and began taking pictures and even tweeting that they had just seen “the big bad wolf”. For El Blen however, it was just a “walk in the park”. Be sure to check him out at State Room this Friday Sept 9th for […]

Written By: hausofblen on July 26, 2011 1,477 Comments

07/26/2011: Brand New Release from House Of Blen Vol. 1: “Careless Kiss ft. Duv”

Ever had a moment when you’re with someone you just met, and the mood and setting was right, even the scent? You gaze into that someone’s eyes and all of a sudden your heart starts to beat a little faster. You feel that someone’s heart beat. You know what’s about to […]

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