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Cover Art For EL BLEN’s “House Of Blen Vol. 1”

Artwork by Catphics Co.
tel: 954.851.3344


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07/26/2011: Brand New Release from House Of Blen Vol. 1: “Careless Kiss ft. Duv”

Ever had a moment when you’re with someone you just met, and the mood and setting was right, even the scent? You gaze into that someone’s eyes and all of a sudden your heart starts to beat a little faster. You feel that someone’s heart beat. You know what’s about to […]


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House Of Blen Vol. 1 release set for August 12th, 2011. There will be a simple celebratory party held at Taj, 48 West 21st Street, New York, NY 10010. Stay tuned for more info, album cover and other news.


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06/22/2011: Just released specifically for the Thursday partygoers! Latest Single from EL BLEN titled “THURSDAY”. Download it for free only on Thursdays! Brand new dance track.

Certified to get you closer to the weekend!


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Released August 2011

01 Welcome To My Humble Abode
02 Savoir Faire
03 New Zoot Suit ft. AtLas
04 Conditionally Cosmic
05 Shouldn’t I Say Goodbye ft. Dana Holness
07 Parking Spot ft. DJ BooshWheelz
08 Don’t You Wanna Know ft. Duv
09 Every Step ft. Jah’s Son
10 Careless Kiss ft. Duv
11 Good Seeing You
12 Vertigo
13 It Feels Good ft. The Sistah

All songs written and produced by EL BLEN, except “Parking Spot”, written by DJ BooshWheelz. Features the vocals […]


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So, I think the idea of a cat fashioning a suit (a zoot suit no doubt) to get a date to dance with a female cat is freaking ridiculous. However, I’ve always found it hilarious everytime I watched the famous Tom N Jerry cartoon episode of “Zoot Suit Cat”. Tom is mad that this particular girl cat thinks he’s corny. He then overhears a radio announcer talk about getting a zoot suit to be “hip”. The announcer […]

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