House Music Producer El Blen Develops Serious Drug Problem

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Since the release of “House Of Blen Vol. 1” in September 9, 2011, house music producer El Blen has developed a serious addiction to a multitude of drugs. When asked of his wherabouts, labelmate and rapper Coole High says, “I don’t know what he’s up to these days. He’s really a good guy and makes great music. What he does with his personal life is really up to him, but I am a bit concerned”.

Some say they’ve seen El Blen roaming the streets of New York City mostly at night, usually looking bewildered and confused. “I saw him and said hey, I’m a fan of yours, I love your music. Do you mind taking a photo with me? He just stared at me then walked away”, says Joan from the Upper East Side. We spoke to Dave G. from Midtown and he says, “I really hope he gets the help he needs because he is a real talented guy. I have an autographed cd from his release party. Seemed so cool”.

El Blen released his debut LP “House Of Blen, Vol. 1” late last year. He’s received critical acclaim for his blends of jazz, soul and funk incorporated in house, lounge and dance music. His sound is soulful and reminds one of the classic and soulful house music that remained prevalent in the late 80’s throughout the 90’s. “There aren’t many producers who create music to captivate you like it did back in the day. His album told a story of love, and thats rare” says Mike from Brooklyn. All in all, we all hope that El Blen will at least consider rehabilitation and come back into the fold as one of the best house and dance music producers in New York City.

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