BREAKING NEWS: New LP Release “House Of Blen Vol. 2: Bump In The Night”

Written By: hausofblen on September 16, 2015 No Comment

The day has finally arrived when El Blen releases a follow up to the acclaimed “House Of Blen Vol. 1.” This time he adds somewhat of a tinge of spice by adding the bump to the mix.

“House Of Blen Vol. 2” invites you to share the journey of EL BLEN as he struggles to get his mojo back after 4 years, dealing with relationships, rejuvenation, and new experiences. All the while, keeping you intrigued with rhythms and sounds; dance and grooves. A lot of inspiration came from creating this LP. For starters, it’s EL BLEN’s sophomore LP. Vol.1 was released in 2011.

Overall it’s fun, vibrant, smooth, and very adult. Available now on, iTunes, and all other digital retail outlets.

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