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Here’s a random bite from El Blen’s “House Of Blen Vol. 2: Bump In The Night”, released Sep 17, 2015

Now Available on iTunes and all other digital retail outlets


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BREAKING NEWS: New LP Release “House Of Blen Vol. 2: Bump In The Night”

The day has finally arrived when El Blen releases a follow up to the acclaimed “House Of Blen Vol. 1.” This time he adds somewhat of a tinge of spice by adding the bump to the mix.

“House Of Blen Vol. 2” invites you to share the journey of EL BLEN as he struggles to get his mojo back after 4 years, dealing with relationships, rejuvenation, and new experiences. All the while, keeping you intrigued with rhythms and sounds; dance and grooves. A […]


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Since the release of “House Of Blen Vol. 1” in September 9, 2011, house music producer El Blen has developed a serious addiction to a multitude of drugs. When asked of his wherabouts, labelmate and rapper Coole High says, “I don’t know what he’s up to these days. He’s really a good guy and makes great music. What he does with his personal life is really up to him, but I am a bit concerned”.

Some say they’ve […]


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The “HOUSE OF BLEN VOL. 1” Album Release Party Was A Howling Good Time!

It seems El Blen was having a grand ol’ time, and so was everyone else who attended the House Of Blen Vol. 1 album release party. Folks were drinking, socializing, and dancing as DJ Ororo Munroe and DJ SoJo carried the sounds of soul, groove and house music. People got a glimpse into the House Of Blen album when the DJs blended some songs from the album into their mix. With the added […]


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HOUSE OF BLEN, Vol. 1 is now Available For Full Purchase + Release Party Tonite at State Room NYC

”HOUSE OF BLEN, Vol. 1″ is now available for full purchase!

Go to iTunes:

Or visit Bandcamp

For physical cds with autographed poster, you can order from the Official Website

So make your order today!

“House Of Blen, Vol. 1″ will be officially celebrated tonight, September 9th with a release party at the State Room, 47 West 8th St, Greenwich Village NYC 10011. Party begins at 7pm […]


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People were taken by surprise when El Blen showed up to “hang out”. A number of street walkers and citygoers were amused and entertained by the mere appearance of the “wolf in NYC”. Many took to their camera phones and began taking pictures and even tweeting that they had just seen “the big bad wolf”. For El Blen however, it was just a “walk in the park”. Be sure to check him out at State Room this Friday Sept 9th for […]


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‎”HOUSE OF BLEN, Vol. 1″ is now available for pre-ordering via Bandcamp! With your pre-order purchase, you’ll receive 4 singles from the album, exclusive El Blen photos and videos, including the popular “New Zoot Suit” video.

Visit to make your order today!

“House Of Blen, Vol. 1” will be officially released on September 9th accompanied with a release party at the State Room, 47 West […]


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September 1 – El Blen is planning on making a visit to the lower Manhattan area of the famed Flatiron District on September 2nd, days before the Labor Day weekend. He is encouraging everyone to participate in a “Rare Wolf Sighting In NYC” campaign to spread the awareness of Wolves in New York City, as well as promote his debut house lp, “House Of Blen, Vol. 1”.

Follow El Blen on Twitter at @houseofblen
and on Facebook at

And don’t forget to snap a […]


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Rare Wolf Sightings In New York City – El Blen visits Lower East Side

August 25 – El Blen made a surprise visit to Tompkins Square Park in the Lower East Side, where he was greeted with unsuspecting amusement as he strolled aimlessly through the area. One person actually followed him around taping his movements for a moment. As many other probably did the same and also took pictures with their cellphones, they observed El Blen reading the Village Voice and New York Times newspapers. Another time he went into a cafe and ordered a beverage, […]


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House Of Blen Vol. 1 scheduled release has been pushed back to Friday, September 9th, 2011. Complications developed with the previous venue set to hold the release party. ReddOktoba Productions (label) decided to move the location and push back the date of the party. While EL BLEN was not entirely happy with the decision, ReddOktoba Productions feels that this will be a better fit and location for the party that will celebrate the debut “house” album. The party is set to […]

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